A native american chief spirit disguised as clouds in the blue sky.
A tree growing from a heart with many colors up to barren branches against the night sky.
A large light bulb containing a shadow sulking in the rain of a tiny world.
A watercolor blue betta fish with abstract lines.
Tiny mountaineers scaling a giant Nike shoe.
A street corner layered in shadows based on the time of day
A watercolor of a faceless man holding a red drum fish
A man's torso with a falcon's head, wings, talons, and tail.
A girl on a bench beneath a cherry blossom tree looking at a mountain range
A flat-looking hill with aspen trees, a stag, and a birds nest.
A lemon on a cutting board blended into slices of a cartoon man's face.
A peacock balancing on one leg contorted into the yin-yang symbol of balance.
A portrait of Bach modeled after Justin Bieber's 'Believe' album cover.
A watercolor of three eyes with tears.
An 18th century ship named 'Surprise' sailing away.